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Fall In Love With Ceramics: Ideas For Decorating With Artisanal Ceramics

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Traditional pottery wheels are back in use! When we think of ceramics, infinite shapes, designs, and color shades come to mind, but they all share the same essence: their artisanal soul.

Pottery made by local artisans has become popular again. Pieces for your tableware, vases, decorative objects... We are talking about traditional pottery shaped out of the usual material––clay extracted directly from the earth––but with new designs in line with the most recent trends.

What is artisanal decorative ceramics?

Pottery and ceramic artists have recently been experiencing a growing interest in their work. They express their passion for the purest form of craftsmanship without gimmicks. In artisanal ceramics, the process is done manually, from modeling to firing, to applying the final enamel.

Since these pieces are not mass-produced in large production chains, each has its own personality and distinguishing features. In this respect, each piece is unique. There will never be two identical pieces.

Master ceramists: love at first sight

At Hannun, we work with different workshops that specialize in traditional ceramics. For example, Tierra, which is located in the Gràcia neighborhood in the heart of Barcelona. This ceramics atelier is owned by an Argentine couple: Paula Tapia and José Baigorri.

Both use high-temperature pastes to shape their pieces and even create their own glazes.

Find out more about Paula and José's workshop

Also, in Barcelona, we discovered the workshop of Anás Rifi-Zinati, who has inherited the talent and artistic sensibility of his grandmother and great-grandmother, both ceramists in Morocco. Anás is currently giving life to our collection of ceramics made of black mud and terracotta clay.

Natural terracotta vases

Classics never fail. Terracotta ceramic vases inevitably remind us of our grandparents' houses in the village. You can leave them as they are or add some olive or almond branches––our favorites––to create a pleasant, handmade-style space.

Soulmade Story: turning clay into authentic feeling

Our Anibal vase is a favorite of the collection, as it combines simplicity with timeless beauty.

Anibal Vase

Ceramic ornaments for your bathroom

Your bathroom also cries out for a ceramic piece. But did you know that you can create impressive ceramic pieces from recycled clay? Paula and José shaped this beautiful bathroom set that imitates the aesthetics of marble out of recycled clay.

The set, consisting of a soap dish, a high toothbrush cup, and a low mouthwash cup, is manufactured through a double cooking process at 930° and 1230° C.

Roxane Bath accesories set

Ceramic kitchen decoration

Ceramic plates

The magic of traditional pottery is that no two pieces are alike, as it is an entirely manual process. As a result, the color of the glaze, and even the dimensions, may vary slightly from model to model.

You can see this result in our ceramic tableware set Oyoze, composed of a flat plate, a deep dish, and a bowl. We love the little splashes of color that characterize the design!

Oyoze Dinnerware Set

Ceramic mugs

Like all Hannun ceramic pieces, our mugs are molded and painted by hand, piece by piece.

To give shape to the Eleonor two-cup set, Paula and José were inspired by the human face, specifically the eyes. Drinking coffee or tea has never been more pleasant and inspiring.

Eleonor Mugs

Ceramic bowls

And, as we speak of inspiration, is there something more evocative than a ceramic salad bowl? Once again, our craftsman Anás turned to terracotta clay for our salad bowl Jareth. Additionally, he applied a layer of transparent varnish inside to make the piece waterproof. So you will enjoy the taste of your salads like never before!

Jareth Bowl

Decorative wall ceramics

You can also include ceramics in your home through decorative details that make a difference. For example, our hand-engraved Maday pendant will capture everyone's attention with its ethnic design that connects us to our most spiritual side.

Maday Hanging Decoration

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