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Montessori furniture designed together with a certified AMI guide (Association Montessori Internationale).

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AMI Guide

In our Montessori Guide, we delve into all you need to know about the method and its philosophy: the child, the prepared environment, and the prepared adult.
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Montessori Method





The home is a child's first environment and the most important for their development.

At Hannun, we've designed the Montessori Kids collection following the philosophy and ideas of Dr Montessori, designed together with a certified International Montessori Association guide
Montessori furniture prepares your home for the little ones to develop their autonomy, independence and agency.

Why has Hannun launched a Montessori line?


All the furniture in our collection has been designed to meet the needs of children at the stage of development they're in. Our focus has been on the needs of a childhood home. We've followed Montessori's instructions to the letter, which state that a child must have everything they need to do everyday tasks, such as washing and dressing, within easy reach.

To this end, the furniture must be proportionate to their size and strength, facilitating their physical and mental movement. Our aim is to encourage their exploration of the world through an attractive and aesthetic space, with fine and natural materials.

Some of the furniture in the Collection

Naniel Clothes Rail

Naniel is a beautiful and simple clothes rail, adapted both to the strength and size of the little ones so that they can easily hang up and take down their own clothes. Its design is thought out to make it easier and more fun to get ready to go out or to get into the habit of tidying up.

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Ellery Washbasin

Self-care is the basis for dignity, self-esteem and social integration. Maria Montessori observed that giving children the means to take care of their personal hygiene in an autonomous way gave them more self-confidence, and following that philosophy we have designed our Ellery washbasin, a cute sink made with natural materials.

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Ekine Table and Stools Set

With the Ekine table we provide the little ones with a natural wood surface made to measure, which encourages creativity and concentration in a pleasant and aesthetically pleasing space. Tailored to the table, the Ekine stool provides a simple, natural seating position that welcomes a child's rest and facilitates an upright, active posture.

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Jeya Bookshelf

Children can express their ideas, feelings and thoughts through the development of oral language, and stories are a perfect vehicle for this. Our Jeya bookshelf is designed so that the child can see all their stories in a reachable place and create a pleasant atmosphere for the development of language.

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Bluma Baby Gym

Montessori furniture sets up your home for the little ones to develop their autonomy, independence and willpower. With that in mind, we’ve created the Bluma gym, designed to strengthen your baby's coordination and stimulate their senses, as well as to help them to learn to control their hands and continue conquering their independence.

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Adel Mirror

Mirrors are one of the most characteristic elements of Montessori environments. The Adel mirror makes it easy for the little ones to stand up with the help of a bar so they can see themselves and also look around the room and at us through it.

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Awakening the senses


As children we learn about the world around us through our senses. The presence of natural materials and other real-looking elements in the school help us in this learning process.

Our commitment to education involves shaping handcrafted pieces that adapt to the needs at different stages of development, made with natural and sustainable materials that connect and link us to nature.