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A project without resignations

At Hannun, we’ve been committed to caring for both the planet and people for years.
And nothing is going to get in our way.

Raw material

Half of our furniture is made from sustainably sourced wood from European forests, certified by the FSC and PEFC seals. The other half is made from reclaimed wood, to prevent it from becoming waste.

Our raw materials have been subject to a significant price increase on the international market. The price of the sustainable wood we use at Hannun has risen by up to 80% in the last year, while other woods have risen by 120%. Electricity and natural gas prices also remain at historic highs, some even tripling in value.


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Our people

Craftsmen and craftswomen

As it’s manual work, craftsmanship is a trade that deserves decent working conditions for its professionals, both in terms of wages and working hours. If we want to revive the local economy and make the production system fairer, we need to avoid mass production in large factories, which is often carried out in regions where it's impossible to comply with international labour agreements.


At Hannun, we take great care over our work on every piece, analysing every last detail so that it meets the highest standards of quality and sustainability. A team at the forefront of innovation works to offer the most sustainable solutions on the market. We readjust our workers' salaries annually to ensure what they’re paid stays in line with rises in the CPI.

What are we doing to combat increasing costs?

Remote work

Our entire team works remotely. This avoids the need to rent and maintain facilities. We work with the best talent there is and are only able to do this because of our innovative way of managing it.

On-demand production

We make our products on demand – our craftsmen only manufacture what the customer orders. In this way, we avoid generating excess stock.

Second life

All our products with imperfections that keep their quality intact can be found in our Reuse Market.

Digital instructions

Our assembly instructions are no longer on paper. A small gesture to avoid wasting resources unnecessarily.

Native wood

We do not import wood from tropical regions. We give priority to native wood from fast-growing, evergreen and coniferous trees, such as pine and fir.

Reclaimed wood

We use wood that has been reclaimed from previous pieces or sawmill waste. This is quality wood that has already been treated.

Made in Europe

We work with craft workshops in Europe, which ship directly to the customer from their workshops. This drastically reduces our carbon footprint by removing the need to import from further afield, and lowers logistics and transport costs too.

We're readjusting our prices so that we can continue offering you the best you can get

At Hannun, we're not willing to give up protecting both the environment and our people. As a result, our only solution is to readjust our prices. This way, however, we can continue offering the highest-quality sustainable products.

We do NOT want to

Reduce the quality of our furniture.

Manufacture in countries that can't guarantee the safety and basic rights of workers.

Lower our sustainability standards.