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Hannun interior designers’ 2022 decoration trends

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Wood in its rawest state, organic shapes and style fusions – these are some of the key components of the latest home decor trends. Hannun’s team of interior designers, headed up by Antonio Berbel, have selected 7 design trends that’ll dominate in 2022.

Rather than getting completely swept up in trends, the trick is to personalise them to your own taste. Remember: rules were made to be broken!

1. Functional minimalism

Less is more. Minimalism is characterised by simplicity and straight lines, but it's important not to forget about functionality. Order is essential, and to achieve this you need to pick a few pieces of furniture, but to do so well: they should all have a meaning and role within the whole.

“The aim of minimalism is to prioritise functionality, that’s to say, to reduce the number of elements needed to the bare essentials. But this doesn't mean spaces have to be boring; on the contrary, the idea is to create the most welcoming and feel-good spaces with just a few things”, explains Antonio.

INSPO: Elma Desk

2. Japandi: the Japanese-Scandi fusion

We love Scandi style at Hannun because it’s bright and light, but too much white can end up creating a cold environment that’s lacking in personality. Japandi takes the best parts of Scandi style and adds elements typical of Japanese interior design: more natural wood, plant fibres like wicker, jute and bamboo, and earthy tones. “We love the fusion of these styles because it creates a super warm and relaxing atmosphere without overloading spaces”, says the Hannun interior designer.

Another key part of this trend is to add classic Japanese features to our decor, – screens, tatami mats, extra-low seats, or lamps with paper lampshades.

INSPO: Anheli Double Tatami

3. Raw Trend: Natural and raw materials

The Raw trend is all about reconnecting with roots and dialogue between interior decor and nature – a real committment to materials in their most raw, primary, almost untreated state. “Adding natural elements in their most organic state, such as uncoated earthenware pieces, stone elements, microcement or untreated wooden furniture, helps us create an atmosphere that's in harmony with nature”, says the interior designer.

Antonio advises placing this type of furniture in the most visually uncluttered areas of the house, as they're very robust and could overload the environment. For the perfect companion piece, go for terracotta vases like those in our Amaral vase set.

INSPO: Zinek hall table

4. Organic + industrial style

Why choose one when you can have the best of both worlds? Wood as a core material combined with iron or steel can create unique, contemporary pieces.

This trend is committed to pieces with irregular curves, reminiscent of the organic shapes found in the mountains. The idea is to bring the purest essence of nature into our home. Reclaimed wood, with all its uneven details and imperfections, fits in perfectly with this trend.

INSPO: Kassia Coffee Table

5. Modular furniture

Flexibility and versatility are the keys to this trend, which is all about adapting furniture to different uses and spaces. Two overlapping tables, for example, or a shelving unit made up of various cubes that can be added to as needed.

INSPO: Dreis Coffee Table

6. Light touches

It’s time to move on from powerful light sources that illuminate entire rooms and start adding several softer light points. “In some rooms, such as the kitchen, we might need a powerful light, but elsewhere we can create more relaxing atmospheres by playing with several indirect sources of light”, explains the interior designer. Small table lamps, string lights or candles are a must in Hannuners' homes.

“I always include lamps made of natural fibres, raffia, sisal or jute in my projects because they bring a unique freshness to spaces”, says Antonio.

INSPO: Adelú Lamp

7. Round mirrors are having their moment

Round mirrors are a timeless trend because their shape goes with any style. Antonio recommends being bold with an XXL mirror in the entrance hall, living room or bedroom. “They really maximise the light and you don't even have to fix them on the wall, you can just put them on the floor”, he explains.

Our Bona mirror has been causing a sensation on social media for months. Last summer, we placed Bona in the Ibizan villa of our friends from Two Jeys, and all the influencers and content creators who passed by couldn’t resist the opportunity to take a photo with the mirror that set social media abuzz.

INSPO: Bona Mirror

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