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Shop The Look: The Best Desks For Your Home Office

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Little by little, we have transformed our houses into makeshift offices. Therefore, having a comfortable, high-quality desk is essential to help us concentrate and bring out the best version of ourselves. Moreover, if the desk in question is handmade by local artisans, that is even better! This way, we can support the local economy and create a more sustainable production model. This article will give tips and inspiration for choosing your ideal desk.

Where should you place your desk?

Suppose you do not have an extra room (such as a guest room) to assemble your own office. In that case, the best thing is to place the desk in the living room, as there is usually more available space than in the bedroom. But experts recommend delimiting your Home Office with racks, screens, or curtains. This way, you can visually differentiate your work environment so that your brain associates that area with work and concentration instead of relaxation. Stay as far away as possible from the couch, blanket, and Netflix temptations!

For the same reason, avoiding placing the desk in your bedroom is also essential. This space should be associated exclusively with rest and self-care to ensure the best sleep quality. Working while you see that comfy and fluffy bed? No way! However, if you have no choice, place the desk with your back to the bed. Out of sight, out of mind!

Ideally, you should take advantage of those secondary corners of your house close to a window, so they receive a good amount of natural light.

Coba Desk

How to choose a desk for your Home Office

Choosing the right desk is key to helping you with your day-to-day work or study. You should never overlook these three key elements: size, aesthetics, and practicality.

The size of a desk is probably the most crucial aspect. For example, to take advantage of forgotten corners, you should take accurate measurements of the available space and order a customized desk. Every inch counts! According to experts, 120 cm is the perfect length to work comfortably for extended periods. However, if you do not usually work from home and simply need a desk on specific occasions, a 90-cm length will be enough.

As for the aesthetics, choose a design in line with the rest of your house's furniture. Remember: a natural wood desk will always fit in all environments. Finally, you should not forget about comfort and practicality, since you will spend many hours a day working at your desk. For example, suppose minimalism is not your thing, and you always like to have some stuff like notebooks, magazines, or snacks at hand. In that case, we recommend a desk with storage, whether they are drawers or shelves.

Elma Desk

Handcrafted, modern, practical: The best desks for your Home Office

A desk with an industrial look

No look is more timeless and inexhaustible than the industrial style. The Roxio desktop will turn your work area into a fresh and modern space thanks to its metal structure made of cast steel pipes and flanges and a 4-cm thick fir wood board. It is available in two dimensions. You can also customize its color by choosing among Hannun's wide selection of wood finishes.

Roxio Desk

Escritorio con sabor vintage

Do you remember that beautiful desk at your grandparents' house? Vintage furniture never goes out of fashion: what a timeless beauty! Suppose you have been lucky enough to inherit a classic piece. In that case, you should contact a local restaurateur or artisan to help you with the renovation process. If, on the other hand, you simply like vintage aesthetics but prefer new furniture, you can look for a vintage-inspired model.

Our Colton desktop, handcrafted at Luis' workshop in Montilla (Córdoba), perfectly emulates the vintage flair of antique furniture. A sure success..

Colton Desk

A desk for two

Two is not always synonymous with 'crowded.' If you have to share your Home Office with your partner or roommate, opt for a large enough desk, especially as far as length is concerned.

For example, our Zarek desk is available in three sizes. The largest (150 cm long) is perfect for two people to work comfortably.

Zarek Desk

Our most beloved desk

A sustainable fir wood board and two cast iron structures are the only elements you need to build our most desired desk, the Krasna. Simple, stylish, and, above all, very comfortable and practical: you don't need anything else to capture everybody's eyes!

Kraska Desk

A desk with easels

Have you ever thought about building a desk with easels? You can even design and assemble it yourself with two easels and a wooden board bought separately. Easels convey visual steadiness and a very artistic personality to your desk. That is ideal for the most creative!!

Our handmade pine-wooded Narella desk comes with jute strings as joints. A detail that makes the difference: We couldn't like it more!

Narella Desk

Don't forget your screen mount!

Don't let your neck suffer during the day. Some desktop add-ons can become your best ally if you consistently work from home. For example, ergonomic mounts raising screens or laptops can avoid discomfort in the back or neck.

Our handcrafted pc mount Galea is made of solid wood from sustainable forests at Nicasio's workshop in the Guadalajara province.

Galea PC Mount

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