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Children's rooms: 7 basic must-haves

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To play, learn, rest, let their imagination run wild... The youngest members of the family need a space that suits them to encourage their autonomy and maturing process. And, of course, they need to have a lot of fun!

Shaping children's rooms is a big challenge that all parents face. The key is to create a space that is as multifunctional as possible: a play area, a study area, a rest area, storage solutions... It is also important that the different elements are as healthy, ecological and natural as possible (wood, fibres and textiles of vegetable origin) to encourage the child's contact with nature.

In this article we want to give you a hand with 7 basic elements that cannot be missing in a children's room.

Nicia Shelf

7 essentials for children's rooms

It is very important to adapt the furniture to the height of the little ones, so that they can reach everything they need without the help of an adult. It is also vital to listen to their needs, interests and opinions. Ask your children how they want to decorate their room! Surprise them with pictures or prints of their favourite fictional characters, as well as rugs or cushions with the theme they like best.

1. A bed at the right height to rest

The bed is the key element in any bedroom, including children's bedrooms. Taking care of your children's rest is essential for them to face the day with the best energy. That's why you should choose a bed that is comfortable, beautiful and, of course, complies with safety measures according to the age of the child, to prevent falls.

Our Aidan bed, made up of a steel structure and a pine wood bed base, boasts an aesthetic that is somewhere between industrial and retro. You'll find it in green, off-white and black, which one do you prefer?

Aidan Child Bed

2. Tidy up the living room! Solutions for storing toys

Let's face it: children's rooms can quickly become the realm of chaos and disorder. To avoid this, a very practical option is to place a toy chest, in which the little ones can store their favourite toys and access them whenever they want. With this accessory, they will develop their autonomy and learn to manage their personal belongings.

Our Attisa boot, handcrafted with wicker, will add a touch of warmth and nature to the little ones' room.

Attisa Toy boot

3. The tales, tidy and visible

Your children's favourite tales or drawings deserve to be displayed in a big way. Give children's literature the place it deserves with shelves made up of small display shelves. You can leave the piece of furniture on the floor if the children are still very young and, later on, hang it on the wall. Always adapt the space to their size, following the indications of Dr. Montessori and her well-known method.

The Montessori Tayen bookcase is made of fir wood and natural woven reed fibre grids. 100% natural!

Montessori Tayen bookcase is made of fir wood and natural woven reed fibre grids. 100% natural!

Tayen Montessori Bookcase

4. A wardrobe to suit them

Select small wardrobes and clothes racks, with the aim of encouraging their autonomy so that they can reach their clothes without help and learn, little by little, to dress themselves. This can be compatible with a large wardrobe managed by adults, as children's wardrobes are smaller and do not have room for too many clothes.

The same as our shelves and clothes racks, they can also be used for children's clothes.

Like our bookcase from the Tayen range, the wardrobe is made by local craftsmen from sustainably sourced spruce wood and a beautiful reed grid.

Tayen Montessoriu Wardrobe

5. Get a floor cushion


The kids' favourite place to play or read their stories is, without a doubt, the floor. Making it more comfortable, with soft rugs or floor cushions, will make their day-to-day life much more pleasant. Place several XXL cushions on the floor so your little ones can lie on them without hurting themselves.

The Kael floor cushion is made of 100% recycled cotton and has been designed to be used in different positions: as a sofa, as a pouf or even as a cosy little bed. It couldn't be more comfortable!

The Kael floor cushion is made of 100% recycled cotton.

Kael Floor cushion

6. Study time: Children's desks

Experts recommend that children should have their own desk from around the age of 3. This is because they should get used to having their own space to do their homework, or even play or paint freely.

Our Nauzet children's desk is made of sustainably sourced pine wood and a green steel structure. Don't tell me it doesn't immediately remind you of school desks? Its design revisits retro aesthetics without forgetting practicality: the top lifts up to make way for a large storage drawer.

Nauzet Child Desk

7. Localised lighting: comfort and safety

Lighting is essential to create a cosy atmosphere, even in children's rooms. A localised lighting point next to the bed will help your children feel safer. This way, they won't have to get out of bed to turn on the light if they hear a strange noise.

The Denia wall lamp, made of recycled cotton, will become the perfect decorative element to give light in a more sustainable way.

Denia Wall lamp

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