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New prints collection! Meet our artists

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Every project we start at Hannun we do it thinking about how to take better care of the planet. That's why our art pieces are also sustainable. When we were considering collaborating with artists for the new collection of prints, we had only one certainty: we had to support local talent and give a voice to environmentally conscious artists.

More and more people are committing to consume more responsibly and with the new collection of prints we are committed to changing the rules. All prints are digitally printed on recycled paper and natural inks, certified with the FSC and Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance seals, respectively.

To bring this collection to life, we have collaborated with emerging artists in the field of illustration and graphic design who share our vision of society and the same source of inspiration: nature.

We present their stories. Their art is already yours.

Maruxa Caeiro

Maruxa is a Galician artist based in A Coruña. This graphic designer trained at the IED is constantly reaping success and her illustrations have already accompanied press articles in important media such as El País.

Her collection for HANNUN features designs inspired by the collage technique. The artist transports us to the warmth of the sea, sunsets and the stillness of the encounter with nature, with warm and relaxing colours.

Her works: 'Blue Bay', 'Yellow Bay' and 'Pink Bay'

Her artworks: 'Blue Bay', 'Yellow Bay' and 'Pink Bay'


Mireia Vilà Lana

From her studio in Barcelona, Mir Studio Design, Mireia Vilà brings to life illustrations that materialise moments and people that have marked her life.

Her collection for HANNUN is a minimalist style with a thick line to reflect emotions and frozen feelings through the contrast of black and white. His aim is to capture the essence and intensity of life and eliminate everything superfluous.

Her artoworks: 'Summer Wildlife', 'Palm Trees', 'Van Life', 'Enjoy The Ride', 'Feel and Flow' and 'Dancing The Wave'.

Tomás Gutiérrez

Graphic designer and art director based in Barcelona, he has developed his career in major advertising agencies and has collaborated with media such as VOGUE. His illustrations, created digitally, play at combining apparently unconnected elements with creative and groundbreaking reinterpretations.

His collection for HANNUN features fun images and friendly shapes together with bright colours to brighten up the rooms of the little ones in the house.

His artworks: 'Polite face', 'Birthday Dog', 'Cloud Hunter', 'Fresh fruit' and 'Snail Home'.

Cristina Huguet

Cristina is a illustrator who studied Design and Fashion in Barcelona, specialising first in kids fashion design and prints before joining her two passions: design and botany.

In her collection for HANNUN, she draws inspiration from nature to create works in which earthy tones predominate.

Her prints: 'Ginkgo Biloba I', 'Ginkgo Biloba II', 'Monstera Deliciosa', 'Oxalis Triangularis' and 'Eucalyptus'.

Carlota M. Gelpi

A freelance designer based in Valencia and specialising in branding, digital design and illustration, she trained in Graphic Design and Art Direction at the IDEP school in Barcelona. Since then, she’s worked in several studios and agencies, in London and beyond. Carlota firmly believes that design and creativity have the power to change things and connect people.

Her HANNUN collection is designed for the little ones of the house and made using digital techniques.

Her prints: 'Fox Family', 'Giraffe Family', 'Monkey Family', 'Penguin Family' and 'Whale Family'.

Isabela Quintes

This Brazilian artist based in Barcelona studied Fashion Design in her native country but has focused her career in the field of illustration and painting. Specialising in watercolour, Isabela captures reality in her drawings seasoned with imagination and creativity.

In her collection for HANNUN the artist presents delicate plant pieces from Brazil painted in watercolour.

Her prints: ‘Caladium Lindenii Magnificum’, 'Caladium Lindenii Magnificum', 'Caladium Strawberry Star', 'Calathea White Fusion', 'Ficus Elastica Ruby' and 'Philodendron Caramel Marble'.

Melissa Castán

Illustrator and digital animator with extensive experience in advertising, her illustrations are inspired by nature, represented in geometric form.

Her collection for HANNUN is based on a pointillist style inspired by natural elements such as insects and vegetation.

Her prints: 'Bumblebee', 'Imperial Moth', 'Chorinea', Megasoma Elephas', 'Pymgy Snaketail Dragonfly'.

Nekane Jiménez

Artist and art teacher specialising in painting, she has participated in numerous art markets, exhibitions and events and her work has been published in media such as the newspaper Gara. Based in a small village in the countryside, surrounded by nature, she uses this bucolic environment as a source of inspiration for her work.

Her collection for HANNUN is based on a technique that she calls "painting and drawing with paper". Nekane seeks the formal relationship and aesthetic play between paper, texture and colour. Inspired by this technique, this series of still life is born, combining serene shapes, fine lines and neutral backgrounds.

Her prints: 'Light Pots', 'Blue Pots', Dark Pots'.

Agustina Guzmán

This Argentinian artist based in Mallorca specialises in mural paintings and illustrations. Trained at the prestigious National University of the Arts in Buenos Aires, her inspiration is the relationship between the human being and the cosmos, which she represents through a symbolic and abstract language.

Her collection for HANNUN immerses us in the colours and the Mediterranean landscape to create a delicate and symbolic series of organic shapes.

Her prints: 'Mediterranean Abstraction I', 'Mediterranean Abstraction II', 'Mediterranean Abstraction III', 'Mediterranean Abstraction VI' and 'Mediterranean Abstraction V'.

Marcel·la Muns

This graphic designer from Barcelona focuses on simple, minimalist designs, with flat colours and gradients. She started making illustrations during her confinement, with the aim of mentally flying to places where she had been happy. What began as an escape route has become a way of materialising her memories.

Her collection for HANNUN consists of a series of landscape prints and views of Mediterranean character.

Her prints: 'Blue Paradise Bona'. 'Blue Paradise Tondra', 'Blue Paradise Lighthouse', 'Blue Paradise Bridge' and 'Blue Paradise Sailboat'.

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