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Essentials for decorating a modern rustic home

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It’s certainly no secret that at Hannun we’re big fans of the timeless charm found in charming country houses and rustic decor. The 'countryside' style is a combination of all the ingredients that truly captivate us: décor that blends with the environment , a reflection of nature’s imperfect beauty, the purity of materials and textures… 100% Hannun in every sense!

Rustic decor definitely doesn't have to be boring or follow a set of strict rules or guidelines. While it is a style that doesn’t stick to fashion trends, environments can be reinvented to let your personality shine through, while ensuring those styles also respect country living.

It’s important to bear in mind that this is much more about a way of life than simply another style of décor, and it’s a way of life that encourages us to relax, take a breath from the chaos and take advantage of life’s little pleasures like reading a good book next to the fireplace, having breakfast outdoors or cooking food grown in your own vegetable garden.

Bear these tips for decorating your country house so that you achieve a look that is both modern and rustic at the same time.

White and neutral colours

White and neutral colours, including light grey, beige or earthy colours, should dominate as key features in the space in order to achieve a bright, relaxing and homely space. Use these tones for your walls, bedding, cushions and carpets...

A top tip: when looking at different shades of white, go for those with yellowish tones to add warmth, instead of choosing pure white or blue-white tones, which tend to create colder environments. The ideal tones to consider include off-white, bone white or ivory.

Combine the style with current trends

If you want to pull off a more modern look, don’t be afraid to include other styles of furniture for your country house or mountain retreat, since the traditional furniture used in town houses tends to be dark and even a little rougher in appearance.

Some styles, such as Nordic or minimalist to name but a few, fit very well with more rustic environments, given that they reflect the simplicity and cleanliness of the shapes used and don’t clash with rustic decoration. It’s actually quite the opposite, as they provide a modernizing and clean look for your corners in any space.

A recovered soul

You can’t get more rustic than natural wood, and if it is recovered from existing pieces of furniture, all the better! Cracks, knots and imperfections inject soul and personality into pieces. Wood takes centrestage as the rustic style’s protagonist , although we recommend avoiding darker tones when choosing your wood.

If you have an old dresser sitting around, restore it to its original appearance. And what about making a new mirror out of a window frame or a headboard for your bed out of old doors? Another option to think about is renewing cabinet handles or reupholstering vintage chairs.

Do you have a fireplace? Bring it up to date!

Most country houses have old, built-in brick fireplaces. While we don’t deny their rustic charm, one way to give this part of your house a modern flair is to refurbish your fireplace with more contemporary alternatives.

Some interesting options are inserts, cast iron fireplaces built into the wall that feature a glass door; or bioethanol fireplaces (using bioethanol obtained from the fermentation of organic waste) which don’t cause atmospheric pollution.

Incorporate artisan ceramics

Handmade ceramics channel nature in its most primary state and open up a direct connection with our emotions. Go for ceramic pieces of different shades, textures and shapes to decorate your house in a rustic style. A guaranteed winner!

Artisan handmade ceramics offer the advantage of each piece being totally unique, as it is impossible to create exactly the same piece by hand and every piece has its own characteristics.

Decorate your rooms using natural fibres

Jute, wicker, esparto grass, rattan... We love all of them! Natural fibres are a must-have for any rustically decorated space because they represent nature in its purest form.

Include baskets, lamps, poufs or rugs made from any of these fibres. They provide a feeling of freshness and are super resistant, which makes them the best allies for outdoor spaces.

The power of linen

Linen is perhaps the fabric that is best suited to rustic styles. It’s also one of the most eco-friendly, as it can be grown using rainwater alone. It doesn’t pollute, is long-lasting, easy to clean and insulates to protect from both cold and heat. What more could you want?

The Raw Style: bringing a feeling of wild nature into your home

The Raw Style seeks out spaces with a more brutalist look: these tend to feature untreated wood, tables made from logs, irregular finishes and shapes that are as organic as can possibly be.

The naturalness of this style is where its beauty lies: rather than hiding imperfections or blemishes, it celebrates them. Add plants to the space and you will feel that your house is a part of the forest itself.

Modern art: Unleash your creativity!

Your country house doesn't have to look like the one your grandparents had. A perfect way to rejuvenate your home is by adding contemporary paintings or pieces of art, while also allowing you to show off your artistic side. Abstract shapes, geometry, groundbreaking illustrations that revolve around current issues and even bright colours... Anything goes, and you set the limits!

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