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Childhoood Memories: Vintage inspiration for children's bedrooms

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Getting back to childhood is part of walking into the future. We invite you on an exciting vintage journey into the past with our new KIDS collection. We are inspired by the 50's and 60's to bring back to the kids' space those memories of your childhood, which will now also be theirs.

Natural fibres, cotton, recycled materials and solid wood are the materials that predominate in this new collection with which we intend to launch a more personal look at childhood. All this without forgetting the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori on the pedagogy of responsibility and autonomous learning.

Montessori method in children's rooms: All the clues

Tayen Montessori Bookcase

Children's eco-furniture: Leaving a better world for the adults of the future

Looking closely at children is looking to the future. Because it is up to them to reduce our negative impact on the planet. Our new KIDS collection is designed with their needs and personal development in mind. Through sustainable furniture, textiles and accessories we take care to leave a better world for the adults of the future. It's now or never. And, what's more, it's all so cuuuuuute!

Sustainable children's furniture adapted to their needs


A bed as a refuge


Who said that a bed is only for sleeping? With Janet children's bed, children can build their own fortress, their own personal refuge, thanks to the cotton tepee that crowns the structure and in which the little ones can create their own fantasy universe.

The structure is made from sustainable and adapted to their needs.

Janet tepee children's bed

A bamboo headboard

Bamboo, one of the most biodegradable natural materials and with less environmental impact due to its rapid growth, could not be missing from our KIDS collection. The Isora bamboo headboard will create a very pleasant feeling of naturalness. And since we knew that you would also love it, we have the solution: the Isora headboard is available for double beds.

This is a handmade creation, made with great care from the Mercedes workshop, located in the municipality of Villoruela (Salamanca).

Isora Headboard

A customizable rocking chair

Wood in its most raw and natural state, so that the little ones can customize it with their favorite color with our ecological chalk paints. It is the essence of our Zareth children's rocking chair, handcrafted with poplar and cattail wood of sustainable origin from José's workshop in Aielo de Malferit (Valencia).

In addition to the rocking chair, the new Zareth family has other members of honor: the chair, the high chair and the table. 100% customizable, 100% Hannun.

Zareth Rocking Chair

A shelf to keep order

Creating a space in which books, games and creative material are within the reach of the little ones is necessary so that their creativity has no limits. The Dylan children's bookcase, made with wood from sustainable sources with FSC® and PEFC™ certifications, has been designed to suit them for the correct development of independence and will.

The Dylan children's bookcase has been created by hand in the workshop of Sandra and her team, located in Barcelona.

Dylan children's bookcase

A palm leaf briefcase to store the toys

Store and decorate at the same time. It's the power of our Senghor suitcase! This beautiful Moroccan-inspired handicraft is the ideal complement for children to store their favorite toys and stories and, best of all, take them with them wherever they want!

It is made with natural palm leaves, using the leaves that fall to the ground. No chemical additives, no toxic components. Our craftsman José (Aielo de Malferit, Valencia) is in charge of braiding the leaves to give life to this wonderful little suitcase.

Senghor Suitcase

A 100% cotton striped duvet cover


We haven't forgotten about textiles. In our KIDS collection you will find duvet covers, blankets, cushions, curtains... All with the same common denominator: respect for the health of our planet and the skin of the little ones. One of our favourite pieces is the reversible duvet cover Malen, made from 100% natural cotton with a timeless striped design.

Includes duvet cover and pillowcase, which colour do you like better, mustard or grey?

Malen 100% cotton duvet cover set

A recycled cotton floor cushion

Children love to spend a long time on the floor. Make life more comfortable for them with a floor cushion. With Kael we reinvent the concept of versatility: it is a sofa, it is a pouf, it is a mattress, it is a cushion. It is all things at once and everywhere.

The Kael floor cushion (made with recycled cotton with an anti-stain treatment) is made manually from the workshop of Sandra and her team, in Barcelona.

Kael Floor Cushion

The eternal charm of spinning tops


Let's not let a game as fun as spinning a spinning top fade into oblivion. Each of the pieces in our set of 3 Geronte spinning tops is handmade on a traditional potter's wheel from solid walnut wood.

Our artisan Fidel is in charge of shaping these beautiful spinning tops from his workshop in Sant Feliu Sasserra (Barcelona).

Geronte set of 3 spinning tops

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