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hannun spaces

The 5 best tricks for making the most of small spaces

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Did you know... according to studies the average living space in Spain is 80 - 90 square metres? You're likely wondering how you'd be able to store all your things in such a space without giving up anything you have. 😰

Many homes don't have enough space for all members of the family together with all their objects and memories, but often it's a question or design and organisation. And so that chaos doesn’t take over your entire place, you end up taking advantage of every corner of the house in the most original and practical way you can think of, but in the end these inventions can become a potpourri of a thousand different and diverse remedies that have nothing to do with each other, breaking all harmony in your home. 🔚

So today we want to explain the best tricks you can use to avoid this and make it much easier to maintain order and harmony in your home. Pen, paper and at the ready!

Tip 1 // do a clean-out!

We know you don’t like the idea of getting rid of those memories under the bed, forgotten and covered in dust. But you have to make an effort and overcome the emotional side so you can make space for the things you really need 👋🏽📦. Inside a home, all things must have their function, so if your house has become a museum, dedicate one day to having a thorough clean-out. 🖼️ 🛑



Tip 2 // Analyse the use you make of each space.

¿Are you someone who lives out family life in the kitchen or in the dining room? It doesn't matter where, but how and for how long. Sit down for a minute and make a list of the most used spaces in your home, along with what you need 📝 and find the ideal place. The trick is often to merge similar spaces in the same place to achieve width, or to give more square meters to the most relevant places. An example would be to place the office area in the dining room, because you don't use it too much and it takes up too much space in the room. 🛏️

If you’re starting from scratch it’s important that you consider where you place the furniture from the beginning. 🤔



Tip 3 // Dare to go modular

A solution for making the most of a space is to use modular furniture. They offer flexibility at a very reasonable price, and also allow you to adapt them as the family's storage needs change. 👪 The problem we find is that this type of furniture, being so geometric and basic, lacks personality, but don't worry and keep reading. 🔲

Tip 4 // Natural light adds square metres to a room

We have just talked about perspective and depth, but natural light makes you think you're in a wider space. ☀️ If you have the chance, take down walls so that light invades every corner of your home. But of course not everyone can, so alternatively you can use the same colour for all the main rooms, avoiding dark finishes, which would break the light we're looking for.. 🏡



Tip 5 // Learn to play with light reflection

Now we know that natural light is our secret weapon, the next step is to complement our home with mirrors as multi-functional items 😍; They're both a good decorative element and a reflector of the light we're looking for, so learn how to place them in strategic places that little light reaches, such as a corridor, which helps achieve a widening visual effect. ✴️

We hope these 5 tricks to take advantage of small spaces help you feel the peace and harmony of your place when you arrive home exhausted from being outside all day, turning the experience in relaxation therapy. ☮️ 😄



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