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Decoration ideas for balconies and small terraces

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Great solutions for small spaces! Perhaps your terrace is not as big as you would like it to be, but having an outdoor space, even a small one, is already a true luxury. Also, who doesn't want to take a refreshing Iced Latte in the sun while reading a good book?

This article will give you tips to get the most out of your balcony or small terrace so it can have the same charm as a larger one. Take note!

Makai Bench

Makai Bench

Think about your needs and prioritize only one of them

Do you love to organize dinners with your friends on the terrace? Or do you prefer a cozy space to sunbathe and enjoy your time alone? Large decks can accommodate several settings, like a dining area, a resting area, and even a shower. However, if your space is limited, it is better to choose a single setting to get the most out of it without overloading it. Remember: less is always more.

Outdoor Furniture Collection

The best furniture for a small terrace

If you don't want unnecessary weight, forget about big furniture and opt for small pieces with folding, lightweight designs. Sometimes, a boho-style table and two chairs or armchairs with colorful cushions are enough to give life to a balcony. A practical and exciting solution is using the balcony railing to install a small table.

Hazel Balcony Table

Hazel Balcony Table

Choose pieces in glass or wood furniture with gaps between the boards to enhance the space available and eliminate visual barriers. The main idea is to avoid compact parts, prioritizing see-through effects. And suppose you want to renovate. In that case, you always have the option of building a bench using the wall as a backrest to take advantage of every centimeter. You can also install a glass railing to camouflage your terrace. Prioritize furniture made of natural materials, such as wicker or rattan and wood that does not lose its original color when exposed to the sun or deteriorate with moisture. The most important thing is ensuring that the wooden furniture has a layer of protective coal specifically for the outdoors. Never use indoor furniture on your terrace for a long time since it is very likely that the rain and the sun will turn off its color in the long run.

Stainless steel, your great outdoor ally

Do you live on the coast or in a very rainy area? Then stainless steel will be the best ally for your terrace. This material is resistant to the passage of time, as it is very effective against salt corrosion or oxidation.

Hazel Outdoor Table

Hazel Outdoor Table

Enhance your space with storage solutions

Terraces and small balconies need multifunctional furniture with storage solutions. A convenient option is to get a chest with a triple function. For example, you can store pillows, magazines, or blankets in it. In addition, you can place comfortable cushions on it and use it as a seat. You can even use it as a side table for your unexpected dinners.

Ajako Bench Chest

Ajako Bench Chest

Poufs and armchairs for terraces: guaranteed comfort

You don't have space for a big sofa, do you? Don't worry. You can surely place an individual armchair for yourself and create the most inspiring and relaxing reading corner on the face of the earth. You deserve it, and you know it!

We recommend preferring reclaimed wood furniture for outdoor use since it is a strong wood that has already been exposed to adverse climatic conditions. Therefore, we can guarantee that it will be very resistantreclaimed wood

Our Suzzete armchair, for example, is made of construction scaffolding wood from the Netherlands. When the work is finished, the scaffold is dismantled. At that point, we take advantage of it, and we use the slats to create furniture with a unique finish and full of history.

Suzzete Outdoor Armchair

Suzzete Outdoor Armchair

Poufs are another advantageous option for balconies and small terraces. If you do not find a model made of waterproof fabric, you can always keep it inside and take it outside only when you use it. poufs

Plants, always plants

Use your small outdoor corner to host plants you could not keep healthy inside your home because of their volume or specific needs. Of course, our favorite option is to plant a tree or shrub in a large pot: we suggest an olive tree or a rose tree for the sunniest areas and a camellia for the darkest corners. And what do you think of climbing jasmine to give lushness to a wall or railing?

Take advantage of balconies and terrasses' verticality: Hanging pots and baskets

Taking advantage of the space at the top is another great trick to get the most out of small spaces. You can hang pots and baskets on the shelves of the windows, on the railing... Wherever you want!

Mali Pot Stand

Mali Pot Stand

Create an urban garden on your small terrace!

Do you want to enjoy the immense pleasure of growing and smelling the aroma of your own plants? To achieve such a result, just know that you can create your small urban garden of aromatic plants like thyme, lavender, rosemary, or oregano in any corner. For small spaces, we recommend you choose narrow vertical structures that do not occupy too much space in width, like our Elea urban garden.

Elea Urban Garden

Elea Urban Garden

Style in every detail with these decoration accessories

Don’t forget about lighting

Small terraces do not need massive sources of light. They just need a small set of garlands, some aromatic candles (vegan candles are even better), or auxiliary lamps to create a magical and intimate atmosphere.

Neelam Lamp

Neelam Lamp

Our specialists recommend portable lamps. During the winter, you can use them indoors and place them in different rooms according to the moment's need. Solar-powered lamps are another great option, as many small terraces do not have a power outlet.

Do you want an original terrace? Then, decorate your wall with unique living panels!

Did you know that some plants can also live outside the pot? For example, the family of Tillandsias, known as aerial plants, can stay healthy for years by extracting nutrients from particles suspended in the environment.

Tillandsias picture

Tillandsias picture

Thanks to its easy maintenance, a Tillandsias living panel is a very organic option to give life to that forgotten wall of your terrace.

Vinyl carpets to warm up your space

The vinyl carpets are perfect for outdoor spaces and, most importantly, are easy to clean. This is crucial if we consider that they are more exposed to dirt because of the leaves that fall from the trees, insects, or environmental pollution

Alfombra Marek

Marek Vinyl Carpet

In addition, these types of carpets are anti-slip and waterproof, and they do not collect dust or trap pet hairs. Our favorites display geometric and colorful prints.

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