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Hannun doesn't want anybody to feel hard done by, we want to send good vibes to everyone.

Hi! Before judging us through the words of others, we’d like to meet you properly. 

Today, 95% of decoration products on the Spanish market are imported. Hannun wants to change this, which is why we make all our furniture is handmade by ourselves, giving employment to the citizens of our country, to our relatives, friends and neighbours, contributing our grain of sand, not just employing people but treating everyone well too, and trying to improve their quality of life as much as we can! You can see the team's video on our website.

We're also partnering each of our products with a different foundation, giving them a percentage of the profit on each sale, so that our help goes much further!

To complement our handmade furniture with decorative pieces, we've incorporated some suppliers of items, such as baskets, carpets, etc., also handmade but in other countries, but this doesn't mean there's any dilution of our values.

With Hannun, customers can return items in their entirety if they don’t like them, and, above all, they can do so easily. For this service, amongst others, we have to charge a margin to cover the personnel in charge of managing the tasks in the excellent way that we do. The customer has always been free to ask the supplier directly, but taking the risk that if they do ask the suppliers directly, it will be an almost impossible task to recover the money.

Sincerely, the Hannun team.