Houseplants and their benefits

Plants are the best allies to have! They fill homes with freshness and colour, creating warm, cosy and happy space that have you never wanting to leave the house. 😍

It doesn't matter if they're big or small, all houseplants provide a good climate full of tranquillity. Many of them have magical powers that help us maintain a humidity balance at home, purify the air helping to reduce allergy symptoms, and give a touch of personality to homes that we love. ✨

Depending on the style you have at home, and the time you have to take care of the plants, you can place some plants in a specific place or, if you dare, you can create a real botanical garden in your home. 🏡

The top tips for looking after your houseplants. 🌱

You need to find out the characteristics of the plants you have. Although it's true that almost all houseplants need indirect exposure to sunlight, some need it more than others. You need to clean their leaves from the dust that gather on them, which can cause a barrier between the plants and their nutrition. 🍃

Temperature is another key factor in the maintenance of indoor plants; it’s best they’re kept at an average of 20º, being very careful not to place them near the heating or air currents, because this harms them. 🌡

When watering them, you should touch them to find out how dry the soil is. But you need to find out how much water your houseplant needs to truly take care of it. 🚿

Let's look at three plants that have stolen our hearts! 💘

Spider Plants

They purify the air and filter up to 90% of carbon monoxide in the house.

The plant doesn't need a lot of light, and it should be indirect light, or the leaves will burn. The temperature range they can survive in is a minimum of -2º and a maximum of 30º, but the most important thing is the degree of humidity; they're ideal for placing in bathrooms or kitchens. Water them2 to 3 times a week in summer and once a week in winter. 👩🏼🌾


They act as a natural decontaminator, absorbing chemicals from paints and plastics
They need good light, but indirect, as their leaves burn easily.
They can survive in very varied temperatures, although not extremes. That's to say, if they're frozen in winter it's better to take them out of the cold.

Water themaccording to the time of year; In spring and summer it's advisable to have the soil always wet, but never waterlogged. On the other hand, in autumn and winter, it’s best to leave the soil dry, without it cracking. A good irrigation system would be every 7 or 10 days in summer and in winter every 15-20 days. 👨🏼🌾

The immortelle, also known as the Curry plant

It has anti-allergic properties that help the respiratory system with allergies such as dust or pollen. It gives off a strong and very pleasant smell, reminiscent of curry.
Your flowers will stay in good condition for a long time if you give them a lot of direct light from the sun, but with temperatures that aren't too high.
It needs to be watered every other day, and with high temperatures in summer it’s best to water it every day. ☀️

We like to be surrounded by plants and we want you to fall in love too so that you can fill your homes with life and have that feeling of being in the middle of the mountain! ⛺️
If you like the idea of them and want to find out more about plants, leave us a comment! 💬


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