Today we’re going to talk about us, but we're going to give the leading role to our most valued craftsman and product designer; Oscar. He's the person who arrives every day with new ideas, with prototypes, with enthusiasm, and always with a smile! 😍 He's come to explain a secret about life in Hannun that will surprise you. 😱 Keep reading, you won't regret it!

The time chamber by Oscar

I'd like to tell you about a funny feeling I have every day working at Hannun. Since I started working in October 2018, my perception of time has become strange, to the point that sometimes I have to stop and think how long I've been working here. It's like a kind of gap between what the calendar says and what my mind perceives, in which 3 real months would be equivalent to about 1 year.

This might remind you of the time chamber from the legendary 'Dragon Ball’ series, where a day on Earth spent inside the room meant a year of profit (training, experience, etc). Well, the feeling you’d get returning from a place like that is what I have. But I don’t just get that feeling because of everything I experience every day – from the first day I was shocked by the way my colleagues talked about Hannun's past. A past that mixes up all sense of time. 🤘🏽

A team of such young people, who have been with the company relatively little time, but who talk as if they’d been with it for 5 or 10 years, and who couldn't believe that they'd only been there for a few months. But I've also had the opportunity to create that feeling with new people who have joined the team after me, as they found it hard to believe that I'd only been around for a couple of months. And that's what Hannun is like; intensity, dynamism, a lot of work and very good people 💖
I think this effect is basically because you get to do so many things in a day, deal with so many subjects, and tackle so many fronts, that when you get out of there, it’s like coming down from an adrenaline rush. I don't know if anyone else gets it here, but I'm really cool with it, because I think it means I'm in the right place. 🎉
Until the next time! 👏🏼

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