DIY: Transferring images to wood - A unique and beautiful gift

The 14th of February is edging closer, St Valentine's day, the day for lovers 💕. Do you know what you're going to get for that special someone? We've got a beautiful and original idea for you that you can make at home, very Do It Yourself, which always means much more, thinking about dreams to be fulfilled or memories. 😍

We're going to transfer two images onto wooden surfaces. There are several ways to transfer an image: with glue, with acetone and with solvent. We're going to do it with solvent because we think it's the best way to get the best finish and, besides, it's very easy! 🎴

The Idea is to give a souvenir to decorate your home, consisting of two pieces of a special moment, like "The fantastic trip we took through South America" ✈️ or a dream you want to fulfill together "The dream of renting a caravan and swimming among sea turtles" 🐢. The most important thing is that you think about what you want to tell them, and make a craft that refers to that place, event, moment, affectionate nickname or whatever you want! 😍



The images. Two or more, depending on the creativity you're wanting to put into making a collage of images on a single piece of wood.
When choosing the image, you need to remember that it must be VERY SIMPLE and can't be too crowded – that's to say, that it must be very different from the background, and if there's no background, it will look even better! 👈
It must be printed on normal printer paper (not glossy, photographic quality, or laminated) and can be either black and white or colour. 🖨️
Pieces of wood. to prepare the surface it's best to sand it a little and clean it with a dry cloth. 🌳
Solvent. We'll use a universal type. ⚠️
A rag To soak in the solvent, which can be a piece of old clothing (if we use something cotton or similar it will soak too much and may smudge the image). 👩‍🎨
Masking tape .
Gloves (optional). 🧤

The Process.
Get the wood ready and cut out the image. Put the printed side of the image on the wood and fix it with masking tape. Some like to fix it from all sides, but the paper ends up wrinkled by the liquid. Personally, I prefer to fix it from one side and hold it a little bit with my hand.


Wet a piece of cloth with solvent (without soaking it), press it over the main centre of the image and make circles. Start with small circles in the centre and then larger and larger circles as you move out. 🔵 Always with pressure, but carefully, and holding the side of the paper that's not fixed with your fingers.


If you see that it’s getting too wet, watch out! There's a risk that everything will get smudged. If so, switch to applying the pressure and making the circles with dry scrunched paper.


You can sneak a careful look to see if it's coming out right, but you have to hurry to complete process because the solvent dries quickly and the paper wrinkles...  ⌛


Once you think it's finished, remove the masking tape and paper, and that's it. You special moments printed forever! 🎁 ❤️

By the way! You can download templates we've prepared that we know work brilliantly.


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