5 tricks for making the most of small spaces

We know you don't have enough space at home, so we have more tricks for you to make the most of the space in your house. Pay attention, we're going to explain the key to having all your things in the right place and order!

Tip 1 // small spaces, big furniture

Not having much space leads us to thinking the best idea is to buy small furniture, maybe thinking that it'll fit better, but, strangely, that's not the reality! It's an optical vision; a place of the same dimensions but one with many small objects and the other with two large objects, will give the impression that the first is chaotic and the second is much larger. We bet on less furniture but big furniture. This way you'll give personality to the space and everything will make sense.

Small house with large furniture. Making the most of space.

Tip 2 // The power of colour

Painting gives us the possibility to change the perspective and depth of our home. There are a thousand types of colour ranges and making the decision was never easy, but when it comes to small flats the best thing we can do is choose a light and neutral main colour such as white, grey, beige or cream. And if we need to give some colour to the walls, you can choose the one you want but always in a warm, cream or pastel tone. Besides, you need to analyse what kind of look you want to give to the room to know where to apply that touch of colour.

Visual effect of colour on a wall Infograph.

Tip 3 // Stop opening and closing doors.

Have you ever stopped to think about the space occupied by a door, bearing in mind that it needs to be opened and closed? There's a type of door that doesn’t take up space, and we use it a lot for cabinets: sliding doors. A great ally for reducing space, a decorative element that big in size but at the same time adds personality to your home!

Sliding door. Reducing space

Tip 4 // Multi-functional furniture

Some furniture has its own storage capacity or double functionality, super convenient for small flats. The main one is the bed with a canapé, where you can store the ice skates you use twice a year, and the duvets when its hot. Similarly, many sofas have a canapé in the chaise longue and they can be very, very practical. But if your problem is inviting people to stay, go for a sofa bed to host slumber parties.

Reducing space. Multi-functional furniture.

Tip 5 // High shelves

If you really do need ever more space, maybe because you haven't been able to get rid of all your childhood books, which you never read but do have great sentimental value, you can put up simple and basic shelves as high as possible on the ceiling. You have to be aware that it won’t be easy to get something down, so do not put the sewing box up there. But it is a good system, because it doesn't break much with the aesthetics, nor with the natural light, and the most interesting thing is that being so high, few guests will see them.

Shelving close to the ceiling. Make the most of space in small homes

If you want to find out more tips on maximising the space in your home, continue reading the first part of the article where we tell you 5 other quick and easy tricks to help you make the most of every last space

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